How a Time-Starved Denver Physical Therapist Discovered an Easier Way to Stay Current with the Latest Research Without Adding Extra Hours to the Day

Sasha Sibree PTHi, my name is Sasha Sibree, I’m a PT who is dedicated to helping my patients get better by being an evidenced based therapist. I have to admit I haven’t always been as good at staying up to date with the latest research as I am now.

You see, initially after graduating I was more interested in traveling the world. In the 90’s, there was a big shortage of PTs in the States, so I took the opportunity to leave Australia and come work here as a traveling therapist.

Instead of returning to Australia at the end of my 2 year working holiday, I decided to stay in the US and even switched careers for a while, working in the dot com industry.

As I moved into my 30’s, I decided I enjoyed working as a PT much more than I was enjoying working in the corporate world. I quickly realized that even though I had only been out of PT for 2 years, there was a lot of new research that challenged the way I had previously treated patients. I had to put in a lot of extra hours reading, studying and attending CEU courses to get my knowledge and skills back up to date.

Now, as I turn 40, life is very different. Between seeing patients, staying focused on productivity, paperwork, and communicating with doctors; I just don’t have any time in the clinic to stay up to date with the latest research.

At home, I’m a proud new father. This too has left me with less free time to read journals, travel out of town to attend continuing education courses; not to mention time for running or going to the gym to work out.

So I had an idea, how can I help myself and others stay current on the latest research in Physical Therapy without adding extra hours to the day?

I started by going out and interviewing some of the Top Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists and Rehab Experts in the world.

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Current Interviews Include:

Lumbar Spine

Cervical Spine






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